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First Land in AviUnite

I chose a parcel for myself when I was in world last, and so today I decided to spruce up the place a bit.

The AviUnite staff are in the process of setting up freebie stores on the Lakeside region with not only some of the more familiar OpenSim free items but AviUnite merchants are encouraged to share any freebies they may  have also.

The shopping area at the Meadow is still a work in progress, the area not even a month old yet- so although there are already quite a few things, far more will be available soon.

I took a spin around the hyperverse today to grab stuff for my land and this is what I've ended up with :)

A Lazy afternoon in my hammock

A clearer view of the house I got from Skrewloose on Kitely market

Ahh... sunset. My fav time of day.

A view from the side/back of the parcel. Cozy campfire and seating. 

There is also a cute little free house I saw at REALized mesh, one of the shops close to the centre of the Meadow shopping area.

So if you need a house and don't have one yet, just take a look and you'll find it.

Well, that's all for today! I'm off to finish some landscaping. I LOVE setting up a new house!


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