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So it's been a little while, and I just wanted to check in to let you know what I've been up to.

First of all, I have my very own region called Creekdale. I chose to have it as part of the mainland area, more specifically, directly north of The Meadow (the shopping region with all the free stores for residents). I've always liked being part of a mainland and the prices for a mainland region are really comparable.
There are other options available also that can be viewed here .  I have another project in mind and might take advantage of the 2x2 / 30,000 prim region in the future but for now this is working great for me.

Speaking of the future - AviUnite is planning an upgrade to OpenSim .9 ~ this is kind of exciting as there is a huge improvement with sim crossings, parcel privacy etc and I'm kind of looking forward to that. AU have apps and such that they have wanted to be sure will survive an upgrade to .9 so they have been carefully testing it and so far it has been …